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Only at Josh's

Captain Jack - cranberry, guava, pink grapefruit

Caramel Apple - butterscotch, green apple

Center of the Universe - blue raspberry, coconut, pomegranate 

Cheesecake Factory - any flavor, cheesecake

Crunch - cranberry, tropical punch

Dragon Slayer - dragon fruit, peach, pink lemonade

Firecracker - cinnamon, passion fruit, pink champagne 

Hawaiian Knockout - guava, tangerine, tropical punch

Josh’s Mix - a secret phenomenon

Josh’s Remix - kiwi, mango, passion fruit

Love on the Rocks - guava, passion fruit, strawberry 

May’s Mix - pink lemonade, raspberry, tangerine

Mexican Fiesta - blackberry, lime, margarita

Peachy King - peach, piña colada

Pomegranate Paradise - orange, pomegranate, raspberry

Sno’caccino - butterscotch, coffee, vanilla

Summer Lovin’ - cranberry, lemon, peach

Tangerango - tangerine, mango

The Dark Knight - black cherry, blackberry

Pinkalicious Plunder - pink champagne, pink grapefruit, pink lemonade


Banana Berry - strawberry, banana

Baby Bop - grape, lemon, lime

Blue Island - blue raspberry, coconut, strawberry

Boomer Sooner - cherry, vanilla 

Cherry Blaster - black cherry, cherry

Cherry Limeade - cherry, lemon, lime

Citrus Cooler - lemon, lime, orange

Cowboys - blueberry, orange

Creamsickle - orange, vanilla

Flaming Heart - cherry, cinnamon

Fuzzy Monkey - banana, peach

Fuzzy Navel - orange, peach

Golden Hurricane - blue raspberry, piña colada

Golden Eagle - banana, cotton candy

Happy Camper - banana, blue raspberry, pineapple

Heavy Metal - blueberry, blue raspberry, grape, root beer

Little Boy Blue - blue raspberry, vanilla

Mai Tai - lemon, orange, pineapple

Melon Berry - strawberry, watermelon

New Kids on the Block - bubblegum, watermelon

Ocean Pacific - blue raspberry, lemon, vanilla

Peach Cobbler - cinnamon, peach, vanilla

Pink Lemonade Shakeup - lemon, orange, pink lemonade

Pizzazz - peach, pineapple, raspberry

Purple Passion - passion fruit, grape

Really Rad Razz - blue raspberry, raspberry

Red, White, and Blue - blue raspberry, coconut, raspberry

Rock n' Roll - blueberry, blue raspberry, grape

Rootbeer Float - root beer, vanilla

Sasparilla - black cherry, vanilla

Silver Fox - coconut, vanilla

Sunrise - cherry, lemon, orange

Tiger's Blood - coconut, strawberry

Tropics on Ice - piña colada, vanilla

Watermelon Rind - lime, watermelon

Watermelon Seed - blueberry, watermelon

Wild Thing - cherry, raspberry, strawberry

Wedding Cake - bubblegum, coconut, strawberry, vanilla

Very Berry - blackberry, raspberry, strawberry


Barney - bubblegum, grape

Bart Simpson - banana, blue raspberry

Batman - banana, black cherry

Casper - blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon

Charlie Brown - banana, chocolate

Finding Nemo - black cherry, orange

Ninja Turtles:

    Donatello - grape, green apple

    Leonardo - blue raspberry, green apple

    Michelangelo - green apple, orange

    Raphael - green apple, strawberry

Rainbow - banana, blue raspberry, cherry

Spiderman - blueberry, cherry

Spongebob - banana, vanilla

The Taste of Summer Challenge

What does summer taste like? Our Taste of Summer Challenge distinguishes the Josh's faithful as they race through the menu. Be one of the first to finish and get free sno cones all summer long. Click here if you're up to the challenge.