Josh's Sno Shack

Serving Tulsa's best snow cones and shaved ice since 2005!

Josh's Sno Shack is always searching for Tulsa's next best sno'ista! We are accepting round 1 applications. If you're friendly, hard-working and excited about life, fill out the application below! Every year we empty out all of the previous year's applications. If you applied in the past please re-apply. Thanks!

2018 Application 1

Name *
List the names.
What location(s) are you applying for?
Date you can start working *
Date you can start working
During the months of April and May please list the days you can get to a shack by 2:45.
Are you currently attending school or college?
If the answer above is yes...
Last day of School
Last day of School
Example: Soccer, Theater, Golf, Wind Surfing and The X Games
Shifts are usually 2-6 hours each shift.
Please list the dates of any planned trips. If nothing is set in stone please list potential trips and estimate time frame. Example: "I might be gone for a week at the beginning of July."
List prefered social media handles.
Will you be attending any school in the Fall? If so please list the school and the start date.